We have here the second edition of the #UrB

The weekend of February 26 and 27, 2022 we will celebrate, in Barcelona, the second edition of the UrB, this year completing 24 hours, with parallel competitions of 12h and 6h and with 50 and 100 Km splits

Results in real time and Live Streaming

We have improved the system used in the first edition, and we will have results in real time both on the tartan and in internet, and a live streaming with comments, interviews and the participation from home of many ultra-distance runners!

In the 1st edition of 2021, three Best Brands from Spain and two from Finland were achieved!

Iván Penalba, new Spainsh 12h Best: 158,631 Km
Noora Honkala, new Finnish 12h Best: 137,171 Km
Isa Sandoval, new Spanish 50 miles Best: 8h13’57”
Iván Penalba, new Spanish 50 miles Best: 5h28’46”
Noora Honkala, new Finnish 50 miles Best: 6h38’50” 

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The results of the participants of this competition score for the Spain Ultrarunning League.