Individual 6 hours regulations


Start: Sunday at 6:00 am.
End: Sunday at 12:00 pm.
Place: Joan Serrahima stadium (Barcelona)


• Once registration opens, you can reserve your place on this web site, in the Registration section, by TPV, for the price of 55€.
• Once registered, if there is any reason you cannot compete, please let the organizers know as soon as possible. 
• Registration closes on 19th February or whenever 100 athletes are registered, whichever happens earlier.
Once the 100 bib numbers are sold out, no one else can’t be registered.
• Visually-impaired persons who need to run with a guide should mention it in their registration form, and it is mandatory to send it by e-mail to info@urbarcelona.com with their full name, Identification Document and date of birth of the guides before the 19th Febraury.
• It is not allowed to participate with sticks, wheel-chairs, hand-bikes, guide dogs or any other element disturbing the regular celebration of the competition.
• All participants allow their name, family name, sex and date of birth to be published on the registration list, as on the partial and final results, following the established regulations.
• All participants agree to transfer their image rights to the organisers for any kind of report of the event and for an unlimited period of time.
• By registering to participate in this race, the participant exempts the organisers from any responsibility, damage, or loss caused to or by other participants.

Basic information:

• The organisers will provide space to put up everything needed during the race, there will be some volunteers to help.
• If any athlete would like to bring a canopy, please, contact the organization, but in any case, can use it in exclusivity, as there’s not enough place for individual canopies.
• The organisers will provide competitors with water, cola, isotonic drinks, fruit, dried fruits, power-bars. For all other requirements, competitors should bring their own provisions
• During the race competitors will occupy the external lanes of the track, numbers 7 and 8. (This distribution can be modified depending on the number of runners who needs a guide).
• The length of lane number 7- which measures 445,37m – is the one that will be used to multiply by the number of laps in order to calculate the total distance that competitors have run.
• The race starts at 6:00 am , yet competitors should come to collect their bib numbers at the stadium between 4:30 am and 5:30 am.
• Bathroom facilities will be available to competitors before, during and after the race.
• It is forbidden to make physiological needs outside the changing rooms, toilets and chemical booths of the facilities.
• The chip will be from ChampionChip (Mylaps) and the results can be seen in real time in this website.
• Antidoping test: the select athletes for the test on doping will be informed at the end of the race and will be accompanied and supervised by the “doping-stewards” as soon as possible for the antidoping test. The athlete who reject the test or give a positive will be disqualify.

Race progress:

• This competition take place under the rules of “International Association of Ultrarunners” (IAU Guidelines) and the “International Association of Athletics Federations” (IAAF Rules), all competitors should read and accept the rules prior to registration.
• All competitors must wear their race bib visible on their front.
• It’s mandatory to let the fastest athletes pass through the interior lane.
• It’s not allowed to compete while walking on the inside lane.
• If two competitors do it in parallel, they must clear the inner lane to facilitate the overtaking of the rest of the participants.
• The judges of the race will take care in applying the IAU and the IAAF regulations, and can issue cautionary bookings (admonish) with a yellow card or disqualify competitors if they continue to break the rules.
• Every 3 hours the spinning direction will be changed to compensate the hours that the athletes turn around the track. This change will be announced and sign out by the organization.
• The race will finish on Sunday at 12:00 (midday). A few minutes before, the organizers will give cards with corresponding bib numbers to all of the competitors. This card must be left on the floor at the moment that the bell rings to announce the end of the race. Using the placement of the cards the judges of the competition will calculate, using a caliper wheel, the distance of their final lap that each competitor has covered.
• If a competitor retires from the race, they will have to notify the organization and return the chip. The result of his last step on the chip mat being the final result of the competition.
• Any athlete who leaves the stadium will be considered withdrawn, from that moment.

Awards and trophies

• The first 3 placed finishers, in both male and female categories, will receive a trophy. All the runners that achieve the end of the race will receive a commemorative medal. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the race.
• The first 5 placed of any gender who exceed the GOLD LABEL standard (as per IAU standards) will receive free registration for the next edition of the race. The distance to be exceeded is 88 km for men and 77 km for woman. This award is non-transferrable and only valid for the next edition of the race.