Gabriel Andrei Ailenei in the men's category and Line Caliskaner in the women's category, winners of the 24-hour competition

Iñaki Jimenez and Malgorzata Pazda-Pozorska winners of the 12 hours
Manel Deli and Albane Sabatier winners of the 6 hours

Records of Spain and Romania of 6 hours and 50 miles

Manel Deli and Robert Hajnal break the respective national records of 6h and 50 miles


Carmen María Pérez Serrano new Best Spanish Performance of 12 hours: 137,348Km

Emotional tribute to Domingo Catalan

On Saturday 26 of february, before the start of the competition, the organization paid tribute to the ultra-distance pioneer in Spain, double 100Km world champion, unofficial 100Km world record holder and 6-time 100Km Spanish champion, Domingo Catalan.

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